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Six HFU Students Win Prizes in the Second National Normal-student Micro-Teaching Competition


On December 10th, six HFU mathematics normal students from School of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data win prizes in the Second National Normal-student Micro-Teaching Competition.

It is the first time for HFU students to attend the competition. Shi Lei (Grade 2017) wins a Grand Prize, Wang Zhuqing (Grade 2018), Zhao Liti and Zhang Ziyi (both Grade 2017) win First Prizes, and Feng Jie and Cheng Yao (Grade 2018) win Second Prizes, while HFU wins the Award for Excellent Organization.

    All-together 1424 normal students from 87 colleges and universities in China attend the competition, and the Grand, First and Second Prizes are awarded respectively to 5%, 10% and 25% of them. Before this competition, the School won the championship and runner-up in 2020 Anhui Normal-student Skills Competition.

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