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The 5th “Hefei University Cup” Chinese Speech Contest Held in South Korea


On December 22, the 5th “Hefei University Cup” Chinese Speech Contest hosted by Hefei University is successfully held at Soonchunhyang University in South Korea.

Through online speeches and quizzes, participants from more than 40 high schools in South Korea take part in the preliminaries, and 14 of them excel in their Chinese proficiency and enter the finals. Topics of their speeches range from Chinese learning to mobile payment in China, from Chinese snacks to ancient Chinese literary works, among which the most impressive are China’s solidarity in the fight against COVID-19, China’s active and effective anti-epidemic measures, and the quick recovery of Chinese economy.

The “Hefei University Cup” Chinese Speech Contest for South Korean high school students has been successfully held in South Korea for 4 times, which is aimed at promoting China’s image and inspiring South Korean youth’s interest in Chinese language and culture.

In recent years, Hefei University has continued its exchange and cooperation with South Korean universities to enhance its international influence.

www.9778.com|90633 com

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