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HFU’s Three New Specialties


Among the undergraduate specialties of 2020 released by the Ministry of Education, HFU’s Intelligent Transportation was approved for establishment, while Arts and Crafts together with Internet and New Media got put on record.

Depending on big data and artificial intelligence, the specialty of Intelligent Transportation integrates traffic engineering and computer network engineering to cultivate complex and applied intelligent transportation senior talents for the demand of local intelligent transportation growth.

The specialty of Arts and Crafts is committed to cultivating applied talents in art design who can integrate Chinese traditional arts and crafts, Huizhou regional culture and creative design thinking. The specialty of Internet and New Media is a newly-emerging one, cultivating compound new media talents.

HFU’s dynamic specialty-adjustment mechanism has brought positive effects. With four majors added in 2018, two ones in 2019, and three  ones in 2020, HFU will further provide talent support for the local social and economic development.

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