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Stralsund Confucius Institute Holds the First Session of the Second Board of Directors


On March 23, Stralsund Confucius Institute, jointly established by Fachhochschule Stralsund and Hefei University (HFU), holds the first session of the second Board of Directors online.

Chen Xiu, HFUs Vice President, first congratulates on the establishment of the second Board of Directors on behalf of HFU and recommends HFU's candidate. She hopes that Stralsund Confucius Institute would adopt a system in which the Director of the Institute, under the leadership of the Board, shall assume the main responsibility for its daily administration, so as to make greater contributions to the cultural exchange between two countries. 

Wang Xiaofeng, newly-elected chair, presides over the session and listens to the Board members’ suggestions on the development of the Institute.

Stralsund Confucius Institute has developed into a Chinese language and cultural exchange center in northeastern Germany since its inauguration on August 30, 2016.


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