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HFU’s Visiting Prof. Lackner Wins Huangshan Friendship Award


On April 11th, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lackner, a German visiting professor of HFU, is honored with the 15th Huangshan Friendship Award for his contribution to the cooperation and exchange between China and Germany.

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lackner, a faculty of Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, focuses on the researches concerning the law and higher education, specifically in the comparative studies between Chinese and German administrative and economic laws, as well as applied higher education. He is also Vice President of Anhui Sino-German Education Cooperation Demonstration Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lackner has been paying regular visits to China annually since 2011. He has not only undertaken teachers training tasks for the Ministry of Education, universities as well as vocational colleges in Anhui and other provinces, but also hosted Chinese visiting delegations to Germany from governments, universities and enterprises of Anhui Province. Whats more, he has set up a “China Competence” module in Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, with the purpose of developing German students’ capabilities to deal with China-related issues. Besides, he has also initiated the dissemination of Chinese language learning in Germany together with the Stralsund Confucius Institute.

Devoting himself to the cooperation between China and Germany in education, science and technology, humanity, and industries, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lackner has made great contributions to Chinas applied talent cultivation as well as China’s influence in Germany.


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