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Department of Computer Science and Technology


      Founded in 1993, the Department of Computer Science and Technology was established tocomputer professionals in fields of Computer Software, Embedded Systems and Internet Engineering. Now the department offers such specialties as Software Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology (2+3) (co-construction with Germany), Internet Engineering, Information Security and Management (college degree, co-construction with Korea, 1.5+1.5).

The department has a faculty of 47 full-time teachers, including 15 professors and associate professors, 4 visiting professors (including 2 international professors), 3 adjunct professors (including 2 international professors). And the number of students totals up to 14,000.

To develop students practical skills, 17 specialized laboratories were built. The labs include Cloud Computing Lab, Big Data Lab, Internet of Things Lab, and Embedded Systems Lab, etc.; four student-innovation laboratories such as Machine Vision Applications; three College Students Maker Centers such as Mobile APP Development. The laboratory has a total area of over 2,520 square meters, with 4,255 sets of laboratory equipment at the value of about 22.6 million yuan.

A Collaborative Innovation Center — Hefei University Internet+ and Intelligent Information Processing Center was established in this department.In addition, it boasts of its key Laboratory of Networks and Intelligent Information Processing, and one provincial teaching team.

The department has successively undertaken five national and 58 provincial scientific and teaching research projects and won one second prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, two third prizes of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and many awards for provincial and municipal scientific research.

Rich variety of extracurricular activities on science and technology are provided in this department. As a reward, students gained many prizes, such as the championship in 2016 RoboCup Portugal Open Tournament, a Bronze Medal in 2016 RoboCup Iran Open Tournament, a Bronze Medal in 2014 RoboCup Portugal Open Tournament, a grand prize in 2014 China Robot Competition and RoboCup Open Tournament, a first prize in national finals in 11th “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Works Competition, Expo Special Contest, a first prize in National Undergraduate Information Technology Application Competition, and a first prize in National Computer Simulation Competition. So far, the department has won 79 national awards and 228 provincial awards.

www.9778.com|90633 com

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