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Department of Mathematics and Physics


  The Department of Mathematics and Physics offers two undergraduate specialties, Mathematics & Applied Mathematics (teacher-training) and Information & Computation Science. It has more than 600 students and has a staff of 61, including 6 professors and 24 associate professors.

    Over the years, the department has gained considerable achievements in the way of strengthening discipline construction. It boasts of Provincial Excellent Course and Anhui Provincial Teaching Team, and the team was awarded Anhui provincial teaching achievements. One teacher won a second prize of national teaching achievement.

    The department values the students holistic education and the practical use of math. In 2011, students gained two first prizes in Anhui Division. Since 2010, students have successively gained second prizes in Anhui Normal University Professional Skills Contests. Since 2009, in National Undergraduate Math Competitions, the students have won first or second prizes in Anhui Division. And for three consecutive years, students gained the first prize for math majors in Anhui Division.

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