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Department of Chinese Language and Literature


Founded in 1980, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature offers four undergraduate specialties, i.e., Chinese Language and Literature, International Education of Chinese Language (IECL), Journalism and Secretarial Science. It has a faculty of 45 (40 full-time teachers), including four professors and 18 associate professors. The department now has over 800 Chinese students and over 50 international students. Two research institutes are also affiliated to the department: the Institute of Studies on Zhu Xi in Anhui Province and Institute of Jiang Huai (Yangtze and HuaiRiver) Culture of Hefei University.

    Over the past three years, faculties in the department have undertaken more than 30 research projects, sponsored by Provincial Education Department, Government of Anhui Province and Ministry of Education. With these projects, they have achieved considerably in such disciplines as theory of literature and art, ancient Chinese literature, Chinese culture, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, and regional culture of Anhui Province and so on. More than 300 papers have been published in national core journals and provincial academic journals, 10 monographs and 25 teaching materials including three provincial planned textbooks. The department has succeeded in establishing three Excellent Courses of Hefei University (Ancient Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature and History of Chinese Literary Criticism) and a teaching team of Theory of Literature and Art, as well as a characteristic specialty of International Education of Chinese Language.

    With the outstanding performance in scientific research, the department has been awarded a number of times by governments of Hefei City and Anhui Province. For two consecutive years, the department has been awarded by HU as an advanced department in scientific research.

    The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is one of the first departments in HU that launched international education cooperation projects. Since 1999, the department has carried out intercollegiate cooperation with eight colleges in South Korea. There are 11 faculties invited to teach Chinese or promote Chinese language in South Korea, Egypt and Senegal by sister universities and Hanban (Office of Chinese Language Council International). It has three visiting professors and foreign language teachers from cooperating universities. In the past three years, over 100 students from this department went to further their education under the agreement with the cooperative universities in Korea while some 300 Korean students have come to learn Chinese language in the department. Presently, it is running smoothly with the program of International Education of Chinese Language for Chinese students (2+2) and for foreign students (2+2).

    The department has established more than 10 practice bases for its students. Since 2005, 490 students majoring in Chinese Language and Literature have undertaken secretarial and general affairs as interns during the NPC and CPPCC of Hefei city, whose performance has been highly praised by the employers as well as the leaders and committee members involved. In the meantime, more than 150 journalism majors have had practical experience in the local media like Hefei Evening, Xinan Evening, Hefei TV and China Anhui Online, delivering more than 1000 reports, which have greatly enhanced their practical ability. In recent years, dozens of students have been awarded in national and provincial contests like National College Students Science and Technology Competition, Anhui Challenge Cup, and other contests of writing, recitation, speech and filming.

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