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Department of Economics


Founded in 1980, theDepartment of Economics offers four undergraduate specialties, i.e., Economics, International Economy and Trade, Finance, Economical Engineering (Sino-German 3+1 program). The department has established an Experimental Center and threeresearch institutes: Real Estate Institute, Intellectual Property Institute and Research Center of Small-Medium-sized Enterprises Development.

The department has a staff of 45, including 3 professors and 11 associate professors. It now has over 1,200 students.

In recent years, the students have made considerable achievements in various national and provincial professional qualification certificates examinations like Documentation Specialist of International Commercial, China Financial Planner, Certification of Insurance and Banking Profession andCertification of Profession of Real Estate Broker Associate. The department constantly expands international communication and cooperation. Having learned a lot from the advanced educational model of German universities of applied sciences, the department has cultivated applied talents with international background.

The department has sent faculties to Germany and South Korea for further studies or teaching. Excellent students have been sent to study in Germany, South Korea, Japan, Spain, America and the like.Presently, there are nearly 100 students studying abroad. And Economic Engineering Major of Sino-German Cooperation has begun to recruit students since 2012. 

www.9778.com|90633 com

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