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Department of Education


With a history of over 60 years,the Department of Education is the only one undertaking teacher education in HFU.It offers three undergraduate specialties, i.e., Primary Education, Pre-School Education and Applied Psychology, with nearly 800 enrolled students now.

Pre-School Education is a provincial pilot specialty, undertaking the comprehensive reform with Montessori practical training rooms, Orff music rooms and multi-functional training centers. Its graduates can apply for working in Singapore and HFU makes its efforts to develop this specialty into a characteristic one in China. Applied Psychology is also a provincial pilot major, undertaking the comprehensive reform with basic psychology laboratories, psychometric rooms and group psychological counseling rooms. With the students working as volunteers activelyon and offcampus, this specialty is expected to be developed to a more promising course.

The department has 41 full-time teachers, including 6 professors and 12 associate professors. The teachers have won a first prize of national teaching achievement,a second and a third prize of provincial teaching achievement. In addition, they have undertaken nearly 30 scientific research projects of provincial and national level.

Thanks to the HFU international education cooperation platform, the department has extensive cooperation with the universities in Korea, Germany, Japan, Singapore, etc..Now dozens of students are studying in Korea and Germany, and some students find jobs in Singapore.Currently, the department is exploring new international cooperation.

Students won the first prize in CSARA Chinese University Campus Fitness Dance Championship(2014), the first prize in Skills Contest for Normal University Students in Anhui Province(2015) with five more students winning the second prize in the same contest, the first prize in the 11th Chinese College Students Vigor and Health Competition(2015) and the third prize in Yamaha Piano Competition(2015). Every year nearly 20% of the graduates are able to obtain the Teacher Certification in their fourth year study.

www.9778.com|90633 com

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