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Department of Management


Founded in 2004, the Department of Management offers seven undergraduate specialties:Management Information System, Accounting, Public Utility Management, Industrial and Commercial Management, Financial Management, Logistic Management and Sino-German Cooperative Logistics Management.As the first foreign cooperation project in Anhui Province, the specialty, Logistics Management, was approved by Ministry of Education of China and through years of efforts it has now become one of the model modular specialties in HFU.

It has a faculty of 80, including 10 professors, 15 associate professors and more than 10 overseas returnees. Meanwhile, through transferring and training, the department has a team of dual-talented faculties,who are qualified for the cultivation of high-level, applied and internationalized senior management personnel.In recent years, faculties in the department have undertaken about 100 teaching and research projects, among which more than 20 are sponsored by the state, the Ministry of Educationor the World Bank. As a result, the faculties have obtained important achievementsinteaching, such as Provincial Teaching Achievement Award.

The departmentboasts of its characteristic specialties, key disciplines,and talent-training innovative experimental zones. It has established cooperation with many universities, such as University of Science and Technology of China(USTC), Nanjing University and Union of Applied Undergraduate Colleges in Anhui Province. Moreover, it has built university-industry-research cooperation with more than 20 companies.More than 10 entrepreneurs home and abroad have been invited as adjunct professors. The faculties have obtained important achievementsinteaching, such as Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. The co-operationsstrengthen links with the universities and companies, which promotes the applied-talents cultivationcurriculum reforms, graduate employmentas well as thelocal economy development.

www.9778.com|90633 com

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