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Department of Tourism


Founded in 1993, the Department of Tourism is one of the earliest-established tourism departments in Anhui Province. It offers three undergraduate specialties, i.e., Tourism Management, Hospitality Management and Human Geography, Urban and Rural Planning and one college degree program, Tourism Management (Sino- Korean 1.5+1.5 program). The department now has more than 1000 enrolled students and a faculty of 34, including 13 professors and associate professors, 1 Provincial Outstanding Teacher, and more than 10 foreign visiting professors.

At present, the department has Tour Guide Practical Training Room, Catering and Housekeeping Practical Training Room, and Tourism Resource Specimen Room. To enhance the information-based teaching, the department has also installed CIS and soft-wares about Hospitality Management, Travel Agency Management and Exhibition Management on Humanities and Social Sciences Platform. In addition, Digital Interactive 3D Tour Guide Practical Training Room has been put into use and Smart Tour Guide Training Room under construction.

Over the years, the teachers have undertaken around 40 projects sponsored by Provincial Social Science Foundation, China National Tourism Administration and Ministry of Education. In addition, they have undertaken over 30 scientific research programs supported by the local government and enterprises. More than 150 papers have been published in academic journals. They have gained a second prize for Excellent Tourism Academic Achievements awarded by China National Tourism Administration, a third prize for Social Science Achievements in Anhui Province, three second prizes and two third prizes for Social Science Achievements in Hefei City.

Since 2006the department has jointly constructed Tourism Management (college degree,1.5+1.5) with Cheju Halla University in Korea. The Tourism Management is an undergraduate program of Sino-German Cooperation. Each Year, excellent students pursue their study in cooperative universities in Germany, USA, Italy, Holland and Taiwan of Mainland China.

    The Students in the department have made excellent achievements in many kinds of competitions including Challenge Cup National Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Work Competition, Challenge Cup National Undergraduate Business Plan Competition, National Tourism Colleges Service Skills Contest, Anhui Province Undergraduate GIS Ability Competition, Anhui Province Undergraduate Science Innovation Contest.

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